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University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 

Established 1992

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We are the Xtension Chords

Hailing from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the Xtension Chords is a competitive all male a cappella group composed of fourteen strapping young gentlemen. For over twenty-seven years, the group has provided audiences with tight harmonies, smooth choreography, and, last but not least, good looks.

What We Do

The Xtension Chords compete in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) every year and have received several awards.  They also perform for events around campus including bid day, philanthropy events, and mom's weekend, as well as throughout the Midwest. They go on tour twice a year, performing for thousands.

Our Work

In addition to live performances, the Xtension Chords have released multiple singles and albums, dating back to the mid '90s.  Their most recent EP, "X-Static," was released in Summer 2018 and is available for purchase on iTunes.  The album features hits such as "Burning Up," "Colder Weather," "Castle on the Hill," and more! 
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- 3rd Place at the ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinal #3
Released our 1st EP, X-Static
- Best Choreography for the entire set at the ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinal #1
- Performed the National Anthem at a Chicago Bulls game
- Released our single, Insomniac (Live in Studio)
- Released our 3rd Spotify & Apple Music album, Wired Up
- Our song, "Spectrum," from our album, Wired Up, was featured on Voices Only 2014, Vol. 2 (A Cappella)
- ICCA Midwest Semifinal Qualifier
2nd Place at the ICCA Midwest
Quarterfinal #1
- Outstanding Arrangement for "Swallowed in the Sea" at the ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal #1
- Released our 2nd Spotify & Apple Music album,
Shameless Plug
- Released our 1st Spotify & Apple Music album, Creative Outlet
- Our single, "Just the Girl," was featured on BOCA 2007: Best of College A Cappella
- Our single, "Inside Out," was featured on BOCA 2001: Best of College A Cappella
- Our single, "Jesse's Girl," was featured on BOCA 1997-1998: Best of College A Cappella
- Our single, "Picture Perfect," was featured on BOCA Vol. 1&2: Best of College A Cappella
- The Xtension Chords was founded
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Upcoming Events

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